On 17 November 2022, the Scottish Government published their consultation on restricting alcohol advertising and promotion. This consultation sets out a range of potential proposals to reduce and restrict alcohol marketing - including prohibiting alcohol advertising outdoors, phasing out alcohol sponsorship and reducing the promotion of alcohol in-store.


It is well established that exposure to alcohol marketing is causally associated with the initiation of drinking, an increase in alcohol consumption (including binge drinking), and also an increased risk of relapse (for those in recovery). Sport sponsorship provides alcohol companies with a prominent and highly attractive method of reaching a large audience, influencing how much and how often they consume alcohol.

Sport should be associated with (and inspire) good health and team spirit, and should not be used as a marketing tool for harmful products. The sophisticated, pervasive and widespread nature of alcohol sports sponsorship activity in Scotland exposes our nation to a high level of alcohol marketing which is a major public health concern.

SHAAP are calling on the Scottish Government to implement a total ban on alcohol sponsorship of sport, in order to protect the health of the Scottish nation.

The first three questions of the new Scottish Government consultation focus on alcohol sponsorship of sport and sporting events. In line with SHAAP’s Calling Time campaign, we have prepared a draft response to these questions. You can access our response here: https://shaap.org.uk/downloads/476-shaap-q1-q3-alcohol-marketing-and-promotion-consultation-response-final/viewdocument/476.html

By responding to this consultation, you can support our call to have alcohol sports sponsorship banned by the Scottish Government.

The consultation closes on 9 March 2023

To respond to the consultation, please visit: https://www.gov.scot/publications/consultation-restricting-alcohol-advertising-promotion/pages/20/