The Scottish Greens

"Football is for everyone, and our biggest clubs should be too. That is why the Scottish Government’s consultation is such a timely and important one

"Football teams have a huge influence on young people and their communities, which is why they need to think about the message they are sending out and the brands and products they are endorsing.

“Nobody should be bombarded with alcohol advertising when they are going to watch their team. It’s not just football, the same goes for rugby and other family-friendly sports.

“I'm pleased that some of the football clubs in the region I represent have totally eliminated this form of advertising and some others are working towards it.

“Tobacco sponsorship was rightly ended years ago. What worries me is not just the role of alcohol companies, but also the rise we are seeing in gambling company branding on match days. These are controlled and addictive industries, and should have no place in our beautiful game.”

- Gillian Mackay, MSP