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Minimum Unit Pricing
Tackling Scotland's Alcohol Problem

Minimum Unit Pricing

What’s going on with MUP in Scotland?

Minimum unit pricing for alcohol (MUP) was implemented in May 2018 at a rate of 50p per unit. The policy was subject to a sunset clause, which meant it would lapse unless renewed by the Scottish Parliament by end of April 2024. In April, the Scottish Parliament voted to both maintain and uprate MUP in Scotland. 

MUP remains an essential (but not the only) component of Scotland’s alcohol strategy to reduce our high levels of alcohol consumption and harm. However, the effect of 50p per unit has been significantly eroded by inflation since the legislation was passed in 2012. This is why we, and many other organisations in the public health community and beyond, are called for the level of MUP to be uprated from 50p to 65p per unit. This was approved by the Scottish Parliamentary vote.

SHAAP would also like MUP to be automatically uprated to ensure alcohol does not become more affordable, and support calls for an alcohol harms levy on retailers.

Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland: Explained

Further information on MUP

Here SHAAP Chair Dr Alastair MacGilchrist talks about the evidence behind and impacts of MUP: Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland with Dr. Alastair MacGilchrist - YouTube

SHAAP’s evidence to the Health Committee February 2024: SHAAP MUP submission | Scottish Parliament Website

Joint briefing on MUP with Alcohol Focus Scotland: 509.html (

Modelling on the future options for MUP in Scotland by University of Sheffield: sarg-scottish-mup-report-2023.pdf (

PHS evaluation of MUP: see below

A graph highlighting the relative increase in death rate during covid


This graph shows the realtive increase in alcohol-specific deaths during the COVID pandemic. It displays that the relative increase in Scotland was less than in these areas of England during that time period. 

Minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol: Evaluation findings at a glance


Minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol: Evaluation findings at a glance


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