Public Health: Use of evidence in health inequalities policy

SHAAP supporters might be interested to know about a conference to be held at the RCPE on 8th May 2014: Public Health: Use of evidence in health inequalities policy.

Addressing health inequalities by refocusing upstream on the fundamental social and economic causes; “the wider determinants of health” is now recognised as the only effective way to flatten the steep, unrelenting and intractable gradient in health that currently blights our society. However, we also have to care for those in society who are already ill.

This symposium on health inequalities policy will be essential for those across the entire public health workforce; specifically Public Health Consultants, trainees, public Health Advisers and all with a role to play in reducing health inequalities. The programme of speakers are engaging, dynamic and authoritative and promise to be informative and provocative, and we have ensured that there is plenty of time for debate and questions. In addition to a contemporary review of this fast moving field, symposium delegates will gain an appreciation of the challenge of translating proportionate universalism into everyday public health practice. Attendees will leave the symposium with insight on how to influence national and local policies to reduce unfair and unjust inequalities in health. 

Dr Colwyn Jones 
Chair, Organising Committee

See the RCPE website for further details:

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