Drinking to get drunk: Influences of young adult drinking behaviours (Alcohol Concern UK and Balance North East November 2012

A new report highlights drinking to get drunk’ as the defining feature of how their age group
relates to alcohol
. Those surveyed agree strongly that the price of alcohol, as well
as how alcohol is promoted, encourages this excessive consumption. Certainly, the
alcohol industry did not single-handedly create the ’British drinking style’ that is often
characterised, not always accurately, by the determination to drink large amounts in a short
space of time. But producers and retailers do have the capacity to influence consumer
behaviours, particularly in young people: a clear majority of those consulted believe that
both price and promotion strongly influence attitudes and behaviours towards alcohol.

Alcohol and Cancer Risks: A Guide for Health Professionals

The latest publication from SHAAP is Alcohol and Cancer Risks. This guide has been produced to summarise for Health Professionals the links between alcohol and consumption and cancers so that they can use opportunities in their work to intervene to reduce the risks. It was produced following an expert workshop which was convened by SHAAP. See Publications and Reports section for details.

Scotland’s mental health: Adults 2012 October 2012 NHS Health Scotland October 2012

Two indicators of mental health have worsened:
– possible alcohol dependency
– deaths from mental and behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substance use.

To improve Scotland’s mental health, priority should be given to the three indicators where there is solid evidence of worsening over the last decade or so: psychoactive substance-related deaths, alcohol dependency and manager support at work. The trends for deaths from mental and behavioural disorders due to psychoactive substance use and alcohol dependency are of particular concern.

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