SHAAP joins European Alcohol and Health Forum

SHAAP has joined the European Alcohol and Health Forum, making a wide ranging set of committments to work to reduce the harmful impact of alcohol use.

A full account of our commitment can be found in the publications section of this website.

NHSScotland Chief Executive's Annual Report 2011/12

Whist overall premature mortality has fallen since 1991, the number of alcohol-related deaths has increased sharply during this time, more than doubling from 624 to 1,247 in 2011 (despite a 5 per cent decrease between the latest two years).

Drinking to get drunk: Influences of young adult drinking behaviours (Alcohol Concern UK and Balance North East November 2012

A new report highlights drinking to get drunk’ as the defining feature of how their age group
relates to alcohol
. Those surveyed agree strongly that the price of alcohol, as well
as how alcohol is promoted, encourages this excessive consumption. Certainly, the
alcohol industry did not single-handedly create the ’British drinking style’ that is often
characterised, not always accurately, by the determination to drink large amounts in a short
space of time. But producers and retailers do have the capacity to influence consumer
behaviours, particularly in young people: a clear majority of those consulted believe that
both price and promotion strongly influence attitudes and behaviours towards alcohol.

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