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SHAAP sponsors Scottish Women's Football National Performance League


The MUP Story - how Scotland became the first country in the world to introduce Minimum Unit Pricing

Medical professions welcome Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland

Stereotypes about women's drinking branded unfair and unhelpful, 21st March 2018

New figures from NHS Health Scotland show the need for more action to reduce alcohol-attributable deaths and hospital admissions - Press release 1st February 2018


Scottish health professions celebrate final legal victory, clearing the way for implementation of Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) legislationScottish health professions celebrate final legal victory, clearing the way for implementation of Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) legislation

National launch of 'Alcohol-related Liver Disease: Guidance for Good Practice - Press release 24th October 2017

SHAAP awaits MUP Supreme Court decision - Press release 26th Jul 2017

'Mortality among a cohort of heavy drinkers in Edinburgh & Glasgow' - 20th July 2017

Public Launch of two reports on Alcohol Brief Interventions in Scotland - 22 June 2017

'Foul play?' Report launched on how alcohol producers bent the rules designed to protect children from alcohol advertising during the 2016 UEFA matches - 27th April

 Scotland must do more to turn tide of alcohol harm: Health campaigners warn the next phase of Scotland’s alcohol strategy must contain bold action to reduce the availability and marketing of alcohol - 12th April


Scotland's alcohol campaigners criticise arrogant Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) for appealing minimum pricing (joint press release with AFS) - 18th November

Health professions welcome Court of Session ruling on Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) in Scotland - 21st October

UK 'Cheap Alcohol' report prompts SHAAP demands for action - 6th October 2016

Alcohol Policy in Scotland and Ireland: European Trailblazers or Celtic Fringes? - 15th September 2016

Scottish Health Professionals welcome new report from Edinburgh University Law School, backing Scottish Government's Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing case - 7th July 2016

Alcohol campaigners unite to call for stronger protection from alcohol advertising for children - 26th February 2016

SHAAP calls for further action on alcohol availability and marketing to reduce alcohol-related harm - SHAAP's Top Twenty - 11th February 2016

Alcohol campaigners confident that Minimum Unit Pricing will succeed - 28th January 2016

SHAAP welcomes new Chief Medical Officer Alcohol guidelines - 8th January 2016


SHAAP and Scottish Medical Professions welcome European Court of Justice's Judgement in favour of Scotland's Alcohol Minimum Unit Pricing - 23rd December 2015

Alcohol and LGBT life in Scotland - 8th December 2015

SHAAP & Medical Professions welcome ECJ Advocate General Opionion - 3rd September 2015

NGOs Resign En Masse to Protest DG Sante Inaction on New EU Alcohol Strategy - June 3rd 2015

Budget 2015: Irresponsible Cuts to Alcohol Duty Will Harm Health - 19th March 2015


Decline in alcohol-related hospital discharges in Scotland 2012/13 - 25th February 2014

Highlighting the Link Between Alcohol & Cancer - 4th February 2014


Doctors Urge Caution of Alcohol Statistics 'Drop': Recession likely to be Main Factor - 28th May 2013 

Scottish Medical Experts Urge Industry to Abandon Irresponsible and Unethical Business Practices - 15th April 2013

Reducing the Drink Driving Limit in Scotland - 21st March 2013


Scottish Government Debate: Drink Driving - 31st October 2012

Doctors and Health Campaigners say New Research from Canada Provides Further Evidence that Minimum Pricing Will Work in Scotland - 19th October 2012