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Alcohol Consumption in Scotland
Tackling Scotland's Alcohol Problem


The Scottish Health Survey 2021


The prevalence of hazardous or harmful levels of weekly alcohol consumption has declined steadily since 2003, from 34% (2003) to 23% (2021).
The mean number of units of alcohol consumed per week by adult drinkers has also declined since 2003, from 16.1 (2003) to 11.3 (2021).
Prevalence of hazardous or harmful weekly alcohol consumption was around twice as high for men (31%) as for women (16%) in 2021.
Male drinkers also consumed more units of alcohol per week than female drinkers (11.3 compared to 8.0) in 2021.
In 2021, hazardous or harmful levels of alcohol consumption were highest among those aged between 45 and 74.
In 2021, among all adults, hazardous or harmful levels of weekly alcohol consumption were more common in the least deprived areas, while not drinking was more common in the most deprived areas.

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